Vibrational Sound Healing

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Vibrational Sound Therapy creates gentle waves that penetrate deeply into the tissues promoting healthy circulation and cellular renewal.  Treatments are focused on clearing your mind, releasing tension and stress stored in the physical and energetic body.  You will come out feeling refreshed, balanced, and rested.



Individuals seek Vibrational Sound Therapy when they are overworked, fatigued, stressed, and struggling with chronic pain.

Employers seek Vibrational Sound Therapy for their teams when they want to create balance and harmony in the work place while decreasing work related stress.





This non-invasive healing modality can reduce muscle tension, decrease blood pressure, promote balanced blood sugar levels, gently reduce chronic pain, increase focus and concentration, and reduce fatigue by placing the bowls on or around the body and introducing gentle vibration.






Contact Carol for your very own healing session or schedule a group session for your team.  Carol has over 300 hours in Vibrational Sound Therapy and is certified in on and off body techniques for all your needs.  Check out her facebook page for the blog all about Vibrational Sound Therapy!






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