About Us!

Welcome, dear one!

We are Nancy,  Carol and Renea, the partners of Renō’s Essential Oil Community.

We’ve found tremendous and profound support from dōTERRA Essential Oils and never stop learning what these powerful oils can do in our lives and for our family and our pets.


We dreamed of creating a warm community space to teach, support and connect with folks who love using dōTERRA Essential Oils as much as we do! Essential oils are easy to use in any season of life, are safe, inexpensive, and effective natural solutions to our physical, emotional and yes, even our spiritual needs. dōTERRA means “Gifts of the Earth”.

We love to share our passion for these beautiful, nourishing essential oils and can’t wait to encourage and show you how to weave them into your life! Connect with us by appointment, in class, on social media. We host community and private classes, workshops and personal consultations to support, empower and educate you as we walk the path to wellness together.



Nancy moved to Reno, NV in 1987 after growing up in Ontario, Canada and New England. She studied journalism and photography at UNR, became mom to Jacob and worked as an art educator for 10 years. She realized her dream of opening her own restaurant, DISH Cafe & Catering Company in 2002. She married Joe in 2004. Her cozy cafe was featured on Food Network, which also catered for the President and White House staff; and Nancy was invited to write a food column for Gannett.

FullSizeRenderWhile she achieved career and personal successes, she began experiencing pain and migraines which worsened as the years rolled by from the daily toll on her body at the restaurant and computer. Nancy underwent two cervical spine surgeries in 2012 and found herself in a health crisis. After experiencing chronic pain and debilitating migraines which kept her home for four years from her restaurant, she was out of hope physically, mentally, and spiritually.

After exhausting traditional medical options to no avail, in March 2016, Nancy attended an essential oils class and decided to try what dōTERRA had to offer. She experienced profound support and healing from dōTERRA’s top-selling product Lifelong Vitality Supplements .

152237 Hope_in_Hand_5c

Her body immediately responded to Lifelong Vitality, along with other dōTERRA supplements and essential oils. She began to encourage and support others with the hope dōTERRA restored in her in June 2016. Nancy founded Hōpe in Hand Essentials, LLC, making her passion her mission!






Carol lives in a small rural  community north of Reno, Nevada.  She has a small homestead with her husband, two children, two beloved horses, three sweet pups, and a small garden where she likes to enjoy simple country life.  Carol graduated from UNR with a Bachelors of Science.

She is the owner and creator of Essentially Unbridled, a business dedicated to helping people and animals feel great again through natural solutions.  She feels most valuable when families realize their wellness goals and are independent in their healthcare choices.  Her business has been in operation since 2014 with a focus on essential oils, herbal remedies and vibrational sound healing to heal her community and those around her.

152237 Essentially_Unbridled_4c

Carol gets excited and inspired when she travels, guest speaks to share her knowledge and educates the public about the benefits of natural options for taking control of their healthcare needs.  She is co-founder of Reno’s Essential Oil Community and is passionate about empowering and inspiring her community to access integrative modalities.  ‘You know your body better than anybody- listen to it.’  Carol encourages you to live a life unbridled and full out.




In March 2017 Nancy and Carol founded Renō’s Essential Oil Community to support, educate and create community around these incredible, nurturing and nourishing essential oils. Renea joined them a year later as they doubled their space to include a large studio, teaching space, resource area and aroma room. Each partner brings an area of expertise to the community, providing a rich and diverse experience for each individual.

When you join our team you become a member of our Clan, which gives you access to our wisdom, creativity, continuing education classes, workshops, trainings and most importantly, individual support from your leader.

Our desire and commitment is to help you get the most of of your dōTERRA membership as we partner with you to find effective, safe and natural solutions for you and your family!



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