dōTERRA Life!



Why do we choose dōTERRA and why do we use Essential Oils?

dōTERRA means “gifts of the earth” and truly lives up to its name. dōTERRA sources and bottles the purest essential oils in the world, works with growers to uplift communities and is starting a healthcare revolution! Learn more by visiting https://www.doterra.com.

We’ve found healing, support and empowerment using dōTERRA Essential Oils for ourselves and our family. Our oils are sourced from the flowers, stems, roots, leaves, bark and resin from of plants and trees found in nature. dōTERRA’s commitment is to provide consistent, third party tested Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils so the oils work and because they work, they changes lives.




To learn more about dōTERRA’s sourcing, access the https://sourcetoyou.com site to see where our oils come from, watch videos featuring our co-impact sourcing partner and growers and learn about how dōTERRA uses testing to maintain their standards.


We LOVE the hope dōTERRA offers and cherish the oils we can share with YOU!

Join us on the path to wellness with these amazing natural solutions! Live life full out!









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