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As a community we’ve been seeing more and more people coming to us for Thyroid support… Is there an increase in Thyroid ailments at a younger age? Or is it earlier detection?

We don’t know the answer but we want to offer hope and healing to the individuals facing intense treatments and life changes.

With personal experience and many people in our lives healing from Thyroid ailments we developed an action plan for wellness and support:

 Thyroid Support:
  • Life Long Vitality Supplements- 1 capsule from each jar 3x a day with meals for the first month then increase the last dose of day to 2 of each capsule for max dosage.  These are great for the foundational support for your body.  They give your body a good baseline of health and support it in healing and keeping a foundational level of wellness.
  • Lemon EO- 1 drop in every 8oz of water you drink throughout the day.  (Should be drinking about 1oz per lb of weight; ie I weigh 170lbs so I try to drink 170oz of water a day).  Lemon helps the acidity in the body become more alkaline and gentle removes phytotoxins from the body.  Staying hydrated naturally supports the body in purging toxins, and when lemon is added it becomes a powerhouse of wellness.
  • Zendocrine Softgels- 1 softgel 2x daily.  Zendocrine is a blend of oils meant to help the body reduce toxic load including heavy metals.
  • DigestZen Softgels- 1 softgel 2x daily.  DigestZen is a blend of oils to support digestive system function.  This blend helps not only with the symptoms of treatment (bloating, nausea, constipation, and vomiting), but also with boosting the immune system for optimal healing.  When our digestive system is strong and healthy our whole body is stronger and healthier.
  • TerraZyme Capsules- 1 capsule before meals.  This is an enzyme compilation for supporting proper digestive function of the things we eat helping our body breakdown our food so we get the most nutrients possible and gets it where it needs to go for cellular health.  It also includes an anti-gluten enzyme for help with cross contamination in those with gluten sensitivity.
  • A 10mL roller with 20 drops Myrrh, 10 drops Lemongrass, 10 drops Peppermint, and 10 drops Clove topped off with coconut oil or Jojoba Oil.  This blend of EOs supports thyroid function whether high or low and even if its been removed.  It supports the lymph system and natural hormone levels in the body.  This will be applied twice daily to the front
  • of neck from the collar bone to jaw area.  Two to three swipes and then rubbed into the area is enough.  If sensitivity to the warmer oils occurs apply carrier oil to area first, for more dilution, and then apply blend.

This is not meant to replace medical advice or a doctors treatment!  We have just found that in conjunction with medical professionals and under doctors treatment these products helped support the body and mind for a healthy future.  Ask your doctor and talk with them about adding these to your treatment plan.

Using this as a base to your foundational wellness adds an extra level of success to your plan!

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