Where to Begin

Have you been hearing all about essential oils, but feel a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? We get it and felt the same way when we first got started. We knew nothing about essential oils, how to use them and how they work. The best and easiest way to start is to work with us to identify your top three health priorities. From there we support you by giving you natural solutions to try. Then, we help you get your own FREE wholesale account (just like a Costco Membership where you save money, buy what you need and enjoy all the benefits of membership) and starter kit that works best for you! If you're open to natural options to support your body, you will quickly fall in love with how safe, simple and empowering essential oils are and you have US to teach you how to use them and get the MOST out of your membership! We are here to serve YOU and help you get started on the path to wellness!



Hey friend!

Pull up a chair or get cozy in our lounge. There’s always a place at the table of healing.

We can’t wait to see you and share a cup of tea!

Big hugs, Nancy, Carol and Renea




The upcoming schedule of our classes and workshops…


Thurs- 11/8 @ 6:00pm- Healthy Belly; Healthy Life

Tues- 11/13 @ 6:00pm- Vibrational Sound Healing with Carol

Fri- 11/16 @ 6:00pm- Sound & Voice Meditation

Sat- 11/17 @ 10:00am- Symphony of the Cells Workshop

Sat- 11/17 @ 2:00pm- Cupping for Self Care

Tues- 11/27 @ 6:00pm- Vibrational Sound Healing with Carol


Sat- 12/1 @ 10:00am- Kids Roller Remedies Class

Weds- 12/5 @ 6:00pm- Chakra Balancing Workshop

Thurs- 12/13 @ noon- Gratitude Meditation with Carol

Thurs- 12/13 @ 6:00pm- Natural Solutions Class

Fri- 12/14 @ 6:00pm- Sound & Voice Meditation

Weds- 12/19 @ 6:00pm- Life Long Vitality



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